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Civil law

  • Legal representation for real estate

  • Assertion of claims including insurance claims

  • Inheritance cases

  • Copyright

  • Press law and personal property claims



  • Negotiation handling

  • Agreement preparation including non-standard agreements

  • Agreement termination

  • Legal representation for liability/indemnity claims for failure to fulfil or duly fulfil an agreement

Economic law

  • Establishment of companies, foundations, associations, subsidiaries and agencies

  • Legal representation in current business operations

  • Preparation of legal opinions

  • Legal advisory for various authorities such as boards of directors, supervisory boards, assistance for general meetings of shareholders

  • Economic proceedings and advisory on investment in Poland and abroad

  • Liquidation of companies, foundations, associations, subsidiaries and agencies

  • Remedy and bankruptcy proceedings

  • Debt recovery

Competition protection

  • Advisory on the elimination of unfair competition

  • Legal assistance in antimonopoly proceedings: cartels, abuse of a dominant market position

  • Company mergers (fusions and acquisitions)

Labour law

  • Advisory on employer and employee relations

  • Execution of manager contracts

  • Negotiations at employment contract termination

Family law

  • Divorces, separations

  • Marital property division

  • Alimony

  • Settlement on parental custody and access

Administrative and tax proceedings

  • Legal representation before authorities

  • Preparation of applications, appeals/complaints against decisions and resolutions

  • Returns of nationalised, expropriated real

  • Legal assistance before administrative courts: execution of appeals and cassations


Court disputes

  • Representation at civil, economic, employee proceedings

Penal law

  • Defence in penal and offence proceedings including traffic offences

  • Representing aggrieved parties


European Union Law

  • consulting


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